Millennials are turning to this meaty treat!

Consumption of meat snacks — often dehydrated meats like jerky — have increased by 18% among adults over the last five years, according to research firm NPD. And millennials, in particular those between 18 to 24 years old, are more likely than any other age group to munch on meat snacks throughout the day. Men eat far more meat snacks than women, NPD said, though women are increasingly eating the protein-packed snacks. So, why are consumers craving meaty snacks?

NPD says 24% of adults say they look for protein on nutrition labels and 50% believe the best source of protein is animal protein. Consumers, Millennials especially, are driven to gourmet, craft designed jerkies. This is exactly what we have created in our Hangover Joe’s and our Happy Jack's line of beef jerkies. Our Happy Jack’s beef jerky is alcohol cured and made with the highest quality of ingredients and aged premium USA beef brisket. Happy Jack's / Hangover Joe's is on the cutting edge of the market and have created a brand that is on target with the market segment. Research shows that Millennials, now the largest segment of society, are major consumers of gourmet animal protein snacks. So much so, that they are demanding this from the market place.

Our brands are on target with these growing market trends. The creative branding, high quality and fresh ingredients, and gourmet flavors of our artisanal jerky provide our dealers the advantage to gain more market share and success. This new fascination with meat snacks has come from a change in the meat snacking psyche. Consumers have begun to seek out meat snacks made from a variety of flavor profiles and meats that are labeled as exotic and trendy. The largest meat snack producer in the USA has seen dollar sales over the past year decrease by over 7% and the volume of sales down by 15%. The reason for this dip in sales and volume is because the consumer is demanding a higher quality meat snack, which we provide. All of Happy Jack's / Hangover Joe's beef jerky is cut fresh to order to provide the consumer a gourmet, artisanal beef jerky. We will continue to create new and exciting flavors to give you the competitive edge in the meat snack / beef jerky market. We will provide expert, on-going support and resources to our family of dealers. As a Happy Jack's / Hangover Joe's dealer, you will join a team of hard working and motivated professionals dedicated to your success. If interested in joining our team and becoming a dealer, please submit the Dealer Application and we will contact you soon!