Hangover Joe's is a patent pending product that is unique from all other hangover products on the market today. Hangover Joe's is the only morning after hangover recovery shot on the market to counteract the debilitating symptoms of a hangover. The Hangover Joe's brand has done millions of dollars in sales and is the #1 Leading Hangover Recovery Shot & Product in the United States. Hangover Joe's was formulated by an expert in the field of bionutrients. We provide an advanced formulated recovery shot that is a totally new approach to the age-old problem of relieving the symptoms of a hangover. Hangover Joe's was designed for those who like to responsibly enjoy alcohol, without the unpleasant side effects of a hangover. The Hangover Joe's brand is not just in the USA, we have exported to Australia, Canada, and Iceland. We recently launched a huge network of retailers in South Korea via Cure Korea (and they are rocking it, by the way!). Additionally, we are now working with a master distributor for 12 countries in the Caribbean! We are also expanding into Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. We expect to launch into Europe in 2018! There is a lot to be excited about with this world-wide expansion of Hangover Joe's!

Consumer satisfaction and word of mouth have been the driving forces behind Hangover Joe's success along with strong social media of over 250,000 followers and growing daily. We strongly believe that Hangover Joe's Hangover Shot will become the worldwide leader in the hangover recovery industry and category. You have the opportunity to start on the ground level now with a leading emerging brand.

So, how does Hangover Joe's Recovery Shot work so incredibly well? The components of the shot help you recover from a hangover in a holistic way by restoring your body with the essential antioxidants and supplements you need to feel better. Our hangover recovery shot is a fully loaded shot full of antioxidants that help's relieve the symptoms associated with a hangover. A lot of science went into the formulation of our Hangover Recovery Shot! The Hangover Joe's Recovery Shot is very effective because it rapidly replaces electrolytes, while also helping to neutralize and remove the toxins from the alcohol - helping you to feel better! Hangover Joe's uses only the freshest, most pure ingredients. Hangover Joe's is easy to use, convenient to carry around, and is very inexpensive. Also, because it is 2 oz. it can be carried onto airplanes when traveling; also making it a perfect item to sell in your local airports. To become a dealer in our fast-growing network and product lines, with an exclusive territory, please fill out the Dealers Application and we will contact you. With Hangover Joe's, Hangover Relief is Always Just A Shot Away! Relieves-Recovers-Re-Energizes!

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