What is my profit/income potential?

Let’s look at one hypothetical example of how you might operate your business:

Secure an average of 3 new accounts each week. At the end of one year you would have 150 accounts.

With 150 established accounts, you can easily call on them in a six week period by servicing only 4 or 5 accounts a day (weekends off!) If you follow our suggested wholesale pricing to your accounts and each account sells 2 Hangover Recovery Shots per day and 2 bags of our jerky per day, you would collect a profit of $18,945 in that 6 week period. Your annual profit in this scenario would total $164,190. Continue securing 3 new accounts each week that perform at these sales levels and in two years your annual profit would be $328,380.

Of course, it’s your business, and you alone determine how you will set things up to run it. The above example is just that - an example. Please note that this example doesn’t even consider the potential profit you could earn from selling at festivals, street fairs, flea markets or by doing school fundraising. Your own results may vary. But you get the idea. The potential for substantial income is there for motivated Dealers and with the hundreds of places you can sell our products in your territory, the sky is the limit!