Happy Jacks Jerky Fundraising Sales Creating Resources for Children and Educators to Better Improve Schools

Fundraising Opportunities

Here at Happy Jacks, we know that from time to time things can be tough, no matter what economy is like you’re facing. The good news is that raising money for a good cause, like schools, will always find support from the community and the community will always back a good cause that rewards them with excellent products. This is where Happy Jack’s Beef Jerky is a perfect example!

In addition to the retail program, we also encourage your involvement as part of the Happy Jack's Jerky Fundraising Sales Program. In a time where the budgets of our schools, churches, or the like, often only cover the basics, fundraising is a wonderful way to help raise money for extracurricular actives and extras such as supplies, computers, practice equipment, music class, art programs and uniforms. And you know, there is just something special about helping out your fellow man. Today, schools are in such desperate need for funds for so many projects, fundraising has become an essential part of the school objectives to help provide educational resources for students. So, when children return to school after the summer break and a fundraiser is about to begin, students and families are ready to participate. Children that participate in fundraising gain skills for future success at young age that they’re able to expand as they grow older and gain self-esteem. Learning skills such as customer service, goal setting and the value of a dollar can all be soaked up by children while they participate in school fundraisers. Happy Jack’s offers schools the opportunity to do beef jerky sales to earn profit for educational resources. Everyone loves beef jerky and they will love Happy Jack the happy pirate! As a dealer for Happy Jack’s, we will teach and train you how to effectively create school fundraisers with our exclusive line of gourmet beef jerky that is perfect for school groups as a fundraiser.

As a Happy Jack’s dealer you’ll run the sale in the schools, you’ll launch the sale, you’ll motivate the students and we will train and teach you what to do from goal charts, to Pizza Parties to prizes and rewards. We’ll also coach you in how to have the students become a sales force together with their parents and friends and including social media to reach the goal for the sale. You'll collect the money from the sponsor of the sale at the school and we will send back the order and you will break it down via the order sheets for each student with our Beef Jerky pirate bags and then the students will take the beef jerky to their customers. When the order is sent from the school they will keep their profit and so will the dealer. Imagine doing 25 to 50 school sales or more a year and profiting for $3000 to $10,000 a sale. We will teach you how to be a professional in the school system. You will check in at the office, you will meet with the PTA or PTO. You will have to attend school meetings at times to get approved to have the sale. There are so many groups that need money, from the football team, to the band, to the cheerleaders, and the grade school and the Jr & Sr class for the prom or class trip for the science club. The needs of our schools for extra funds to educate our children is endless! There are so many opportunities to fundraise. Also college sororities and fraternities are great places to pursue fundraising. Think about soccer teams, baseball groups, Church youth groups, dance teams and gymnastics teams, to name a few more. There are so many groups that need funds from fundraising and our gourmet beef jerky is perfect for the task!

What are the real options for a school, church or nonprofit group? As a Happy Jack's dealer you have such advantages against some of the other main fundraisers that happen in schools. Let’s go over them so you can see why a Happy Jack's Gourmet Beef Jerky sale has such advantages and the objections to the other type of sales to give your jerky sales the advantage in this area.

You Could Try Selling Chocolate!

There are all kinds of chocolate bars and chocolate candy being sold in schools for fundraising. Hmm, but how do you get the kiddos to keep them cold so they don’t melt by the time someone buys them? They can be squashed and become a mess, plus melt or get damaged in shipping and delivery, not to mention the up-front cost to buy them ahead of time. If you don’t sell all of them what are you going to do with all that chocolate that was pre-ordered and unsold? Jerky is so much easier for kids to sell in schools and a much healthier high protein energy snack.

You Could Try Selling Cookie Dough

But again you run into the problem of getting all orders delivered quickly or keeping it all stored in a freezer, and forget about selling to relatives out of town! These fundraisers, just like Pizza fundraisers are hard to deliver and keep refrigerated and they take a lot of work for both sponsors and kids. Once again jerky is low maintenance. Let the school sponsor know this is an easy turnkey operation and does not have the problems associated with it that candy and food sales have. A jerky sale does not require all this extra work for sponsors or students or parent helpers.

How About A T-Shirt Fundraiser

Sporting your individual logo for your group? Doesn’t everyone love ANOTHER t-shirt that will be worn once before being forgotten? Plus there are the size issues and most of these shirts are of very cheap quality.

Wrapping Paper

This is seasonal and quite bulky and hard for the kids to deliver, plus it easy to get damaged or torn. It’s also like magazines in that it has been overdone since the 1970's.

How About Magazines

These have been going on since the 1960’s and now with the internet and the change in media, this is an idea that still popular, has lost its luster. Because these are so common, school families have become reluctant to ask family members, neighbors and co-workers to buy stuff. Happy Jacks beef jerky is fresh and cut to order. Also magazine subscriptions require a long commitment. Jerky is a fast sale and its good and easy to handle and deliver.

Discount Coupons

Whether using online tools like Scrip or Shoparoo, or working with local or national restaurants or retailers, the basic idea is that the retailer will sell schools coupon books at a discounted price and let them keep a percentage (~5% of the proceeds etc.). While this can be successful, the profit is often pretty low and it does bank on the fact that people will shop or dine at the specific retailers and restaurants. Once again jerky can earn more profit and is healthy and is a much simpler method to be successful.

Let's Think Outside The Box

Why not try something new for your fundraiser that you don’t have to keep cold plus is easy to deliver? What if we told you it’s one of the best-selling snacks in the United States, it’s made using only 100% American Beef, it’s competitively priced, and comes in multiple gourmet flavors? It’s Happy Jacky's the Happy Pirate Beef Jerky! Not only are there multiple beef jerky flavors to choose from, but it comes with a one year freshness expire date and it's a perfect gift. Everyone likes beef jerky! Our beef jerky is beef brisket with no filler and it’s a high protein snack and it's a healthy treat. Schools are really into the healthier products and you can't do better than beef jerky.

An important part of school fundraising is working in teams towards a common goal. This teaches children to compromise in group situations, and act appropriately in leadership and team roles. Schools and organizations typically set a target amount for each child to raise in order to reach their end goal. Breaking down the students end goal into smaller, more manageable goals along the way will help them develop important tools that they’ll need throughout life. Learning the importance of decision making, marketing and responsibility are all things goal-setting can teach students. When you’re a Happy Jack’s dealer you are what we call a FRD (a Fundraising Director), and you will work with the teacher, the PTA, or PTO and the school administrators to kick off and launch the sales in schools. Happy Jack’s will give you the best products and the opportunity to create resources for children and educators and for your dealership to profit. Some big brands offer their jerky on their website as a fundraising option, but it’s the same product they can get in a store, just at a higher price to the end customer! Who wants that? This is a win-win for all concerned. The best thing is your enriching the lives of children and they are learning even from the fundraising experience. Having the ability to do fundraisers as well as to build the brand in the retail store channels with the Hangover Joe’s brand is a winning combination to maximize profits as a dealer. This is perfect also for a husband and wife team or a partnership where one of you focus on retail and the other focuses on the school fundraising side of the business.

While fundraising is extremely helpful, it requires just the right amount of planning for it to successful. Below are a few things to consider in planning a fundraiser.

Start Fundraising Early

Starting your fundraiser early will help set you up for increased success. While it is important to organize your fundraiser early, it is equally as important to create a way where the donors can start donating. When planning on having a Beef Jerky sale, spread the word early so that more of your community hears about the fundraiser. Make sure the sponsor announces that you will be there on a certain date to kick off the sale. This creates awareness for you to be known as the Happy Jack’s Fund Raising Director (FRD). This is when you will give your performance and it's a performance in front of the students to motivate them. You only have one time to stand up and motivate these kids and this is your big chance to kick off the sale and transfer enthusiasm. This is what a good sales person does, and that transfer of enthusiasm then transfers to others. The key is to get these kids fired up to be successful and to achieve the goal. We want the kids and the school to succeed and reach their goal. We will give you video aids of how to launch a sale which are important to watch and learn the techniques. Everyone loves beef jerky and you have a community that wants to help the school, but they also want a quality product and that's what we are going to provide. We have a unique brand and an excellent product of the highest quality beef brisket jerky in the nation. All of our little pirates are part of the Happy Jack’s sales force, your goal as a FRD is to motivate your team to succeed and obtain their goals. You’re the leader and need to take control of the sale from day one and instill confidence and success. We will go over this in our training in detail. Remember the transfer of enthusiasm is the key to success. The kids will know if you’re sincere and they will follow you, the head pirate, as we sail away to a successful fundraiser!

Keep The Fundraiser Manageable

Many school fundraising programs rely on the efforts of the parents, who can become burned out if they’re always being asked to donate. So we’re going to make it simple with an order sheet and it will be simple for mom or dad to use. We suggest they take it to work and that the students also get their grand folks, aunts and uncles to participate and other family to join in helping the sale etc. As a FRD you’re going to teach the children who their prospects are and have them transfer that enthusiasm to their parents. Reach out to the students’ networks to empower the network. There are two major networks that you should focus on during your school fundraiser, the parents and students. The parents of the students will end up representing most of the donor base. Parents can reach out though social media today to their close family and friends and this can increase your fundraisers donor base exponentially. As for the students, they are likely to be your most passionate force in raising donations. You’ll have prizes we coach you about for the students and prizes motivate always motivate the students.

Don't Restrict Yourself

When it comes to school fundraising, people typically feel restricted by two things: time and physical space. As for time, many fundraisers are limited to the period of day or night of the actual fundraising event. This is not what we recommend. We're going to extend time to foster success and you will instruct the sponsor or teacher this is best to reach our goal. We want to go, if the sponsor suggests a short sale, at least 5-7 days, but in most cases for grade school and large groups 2 weeks. Smaller groups of 50 or less at least a 5 to 7 day sale is perfect, but we always suggest 7 days. Shorter sales lead to donors only having a few hours to donate and support your cause so we need the extended time to create success. You can utilize online platforms, which in turn will be able to maximize the fundraising window and increase your audience, leading to increased donations for your school. We want the parents and students reaching out to their friends and family via social media and we need 7 days on short sales and 14 to 17 days on very large group sales like full grade schools or groups over 100 people. It’s good with large groups like grade schools during the sale for you to go back be seen in the school coloring in the goal chart. This will help to keep our little Happy Jack pirates motivated. You’re the head pirate so lead the sale and in big schools come back and fill in the goal chart during lunch and be seen. In the grade school it’s good to put the goal chart up where everyone can see it daily.

The wall in the lunch room is a good place or in the halls and if you choose, have a few charts around the school. The key is to reinforce the sale during the sale period. By utilizing the tips listed above, you’re school fundraising efforts are bound to be successful! There is a lot of money to be raised and as a Happy Jack’s dealer there is a lot of money to be earned. You have to work your territory, you have to mine the schools and you have to remember you’re now part of the school education system and this is all about having fun and helping children and teachers and being a professional. We are creating resources to help better educate and create opportunities for kids. Knowing that you’re helping children and teachers is a very rewarding feeling. Also this can lead to the cross-branding for the stores in your territory that you’re already selling in or want to sell our products in. School fundraising can definately increase your customer base and will lead to more retail opportunities and customer sales.

Many parents know their children do not understand the value of a dollar. After all, children rely on their parents to provide them with what they want or need. With fundraising, they will not only be able to count money, but understand that in order to spend money, you must earn it first. Learning to value the effort it takes to earn a dollar, and also what it can really buy you in today’s market is important for our children. As a Happy Jack’s dealer you are helping children have an experience that will make them aware of what it takes in the real world to create success.

Something that is so important to us here at Happy Jack’s is that children are taught to care about others and the concept of improving their surroundings for the benefit of the community. The students fundraising efforts may last longer after they leave their school, helping teach children about the value of community and charity. And isn’t that the most important lesson of all?

So, if anyone you know is looking for a fundraiser for their club, group or class, as a Happy Jack’s dealer you will have the opportunity to help with fundraising for so many different groups. Church groups are another great source, but the schools are such a large market and we will train you to focus on these groups. Nationally, school fundraising is a 4 billion dollar plus market. As a Happy Jack dealer you have the opportunity to help positively change the lives of students and create a better life for yourself and your family. Make the Happy Jack's Beef Jerky sale an annual event that everyone looks forward to each and every year to come. Happy Jack’s gourmet beef jerky compared to cookie dough, candy, chocolate bars, magazines, gift wrap, and pizza is such a better alternative for both teachers, and parents. It’s simple - you don’t have to refrigerate it and it’s easy and light for the students to deliver. Beef Jerky is a high protein healthy snack and with the quality of our Happy Jack’s beef jerky, teachers, administrators and parents will love it! By utilizing the tips we provide, your fundraising efforts are bound to be successful for the cause you serve and lucrative for you while also benefiting students, parents and educators. At the end of the day, we are creating educational resources for children and what can be better than that? If interested in becoming a Happy Jack’s / Hangover Joe's dealer, please fill out the form or email us at Info@HappyJacks.com.

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