Complete and submit the dealer application. Upon receipt, we will contact you to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the steps required to secure a Dealership. We look forward to hearing form you.

A Dealership territory is a county or counties. The Dealership fee is a one-time fee and determined by the population within your defined area. The minimum fee is $29,800 for counties with a population up to 250,000. A $5,000 fee will be added for each additional 100,000 people within your territory. You will not be required to pay any royalties or ongoing franchise fees. A legal description of your exclusive territory will be part of your Dealership Agreement Contract. We will outline your territory in your contract and define it specifically.

Your training/orientation is optional. This will be a 3-4 day intense training session in New Orleans. We will train on our brands. The Hangover Recovery Shot® and our Gourmet Beef Jerky brands. We will have classroom training, but were going to also get you into the field and have hands on experience from merchandising to meeting and interacting with store owners to our vending systems. We will train on all aspects of the brand. Securing retail locations, bookkeeping, ordering, invoicing, merchandising, pricing, inventory control, and many other topics related to your business will also be addressed. We will make sure you are trained in our image and learn as much as you can, but we will provide ongoing support. Learning never ends and this is an ongoing process as you grow your business. We will go over school fundraising, Kiosk, stores, school fundraising and spend discuss all of the revenue stream in our optional training.

No. Most of our Dealers have had no retail sales experience but it does help and selling is a key focus of what we do and learning our products and brands is also key to success. We will provide you with twenty startup accounts and continue to work with you in establishing accounts, until you feel comfortable on your own. We will also refer accounts to you as retailers contact us about the products. We will get you up to speed quick as the best thing is to get out into the market and start building the brand and stores and doing events. There are multi profit centers and we will teach you how to make these effective in building your business.

Let’s look at one hypothetical example of how you might operate your business:

Secure an average of 3 new accounts each week. At the end of one year you would have 150 accounts.

With 150 established accounts, you can easily call on them in a six week period by servicing only 4 or 5 accounts a day (weekends off!) If you follow our suggested wholesale pricing to your accounts and each account sells 2 Hangover Recovery Shots per day and 2 bags of our jerky per day, you would collect a profit of $18,945 in that 6 week period. Your annual profit in this scenario would total $164,190. Continue securing 3 new accounts each week that perform at these sales levels and in two years your annual profit would be $328,380.

Of course, it’s your business, and you alone determine how you will set things up to run it. The above example is just that - an example. Please note that this example doesn’t even consider the potential profit you could earn from selling at festivals, street fairs, flea markets or by doing school fundraising. Your own results may vary. But you get the idea. The potential for substantial income is there for motivated Dealers and with the hundreds of places you can sell our products in your territory, the sky is the limit!

Yes. We heavily promote our products in social media which includes your market. We are huge believers in social media and the company is currently building advertising platforms with some of the nation’s biggest brands that will benefit all of our dealers and our brands. As we promote our products to the retail industry, we will pass along to you any interested retailers (in your territory) to become your customers. We will also teach you that by doing festivals in your area you are advertising and building your business and our brands. We’ll teach you that doing in store sampling is a very effective way to advertise your business, our brands and sell more product in you’re stores.

You certainly may start part time, however, our goal is to help you develop your Dealership into a full-time business within your first two years. We want you to become full time and employ all the avenues we have built into the dealer program that can make this a rewarding full time job.

First and foremost, you get a business with two proven sellers! In your territory, you will get the exclusive right to sell our Happy Jack’s Beef Jerky, our Hangover Joe’s Beef Jerky and our Hangover Joe’s - Hangover Recovery Shot®, inspired by the popular Warner Brothers Hangover movie series.

Additionally, your Dealership includes:

  • Protected exclusive territory. No competition! Only you will be allowed to sell Happy Jack’s Beef Jerky, Hangover Joe’s Beef Jerky and Hangover Joe’s - Hangover Recovery Shot® to retailers in your territory. (One Dealership per territory)
  • Optional training and orientation and lodging for three nights in New Orleans, Louisiana when you come for training.
  • Orientation Manual full of tips and suggestions to make your dealership successful
  • 200 initial business cards.
  • 6 Happy Jack's shirts and hats, 6 Hangover Joe's shirts and hats, that are branded with the company logos.
  • Twenty (20) start up retail accounts and available ongoing assistance in acquiring additional accounts.
  • 1/2 pallet of Gourmet Beef Jerky totaling 48 cases (1,152 2.85 oz bags) and 12 master cases of Hangover Joe’s Hangover Recovery Shots (1,728 shots)
  • 50 two tier counter stands, 50 clip strips for beef jerky, 50 window clings to advertise your products.
  • Ongoing support for as long as you own the business.
  • The exclusive right and option to mall & airport Kiosks in your territory.
  • The exclusive right and option to Smart Vending Machines in territory.
  • The exclusive right and option in your territory to open your own Retail Stores with the Happy Jack’s and Hangover Joe’s branded products
  • The exclusive right to Happy Jack’s branded jerky for school fundraising in your territory.

If you decide to do business as an LLC, you can either engage an attorney to assist you or you can do this online with LegalZoom. The process with LegalZoom is very straightforward and takes very little time. Please refer to your Orientation Manual for answers to your questions about Business Licenses and Tax ID numbers. If you still have questions after consulting the manual, your accountant can quickly answer your questions.

Of course. Your Dealership Agreement can be transferred to another party at any time. You set the asking price. You have the right to market or sell your dealership. If you like we can assist in doing this as well.

Happy Jack’s Jerky, LLC will send you a Dealership Contract / Agreement. Upon your review and approval, you will sign and return the Dealership Contract / Agreement to Happy Jack’s Jerky, LLC. If you decide to accept the optional training, you will include a $1,000 non-refudable deposit with the balance for the dealership due to be paid on the morning training begins. If you choose not to accept the optional training, full payment for your dealership is required when you return the signed Dealership Contract / Agreement to Happy Jack’s Jerky, LLC.

When you come to our New Orleans Orientation, we are convinced you will want to become a Dealer more than ever. You will learn exciting things about the program that will make you even more eager to get started. In the unlikely event you do change your mind, however, your deposit, minus expenses for accommodations, will be refunded to you. We think you will be more than excited and ready to start building your company and creating your financial freedom.

Very positively. The website is quite necessary for retailers and consumers to get information on our products. The website only sells the products at retail price the same as you would find in a store. Our websites do not sell wholesale to retailers. We do market these products on our website, but you having them in your local stores is the real key to your success.

They fit very well into our program as an adjunct opportunity to increase revenue, if you choose. Our new state-of-the-art machines are pretty awesome, and will ONLY accept credit and debit cards and smart phone ePayments. This eliminates all of the problems that come with vending machines that accept cash. Our machines also track product sales info and send it to you to let you know when they need to be refilled. We will show you these machines in the optional training and you will get an up close look at how these work in the field.

Click here for more info about our “Smart” Vending Machines.


We work with a company if you need capital to help finance your Happy Jack's/ Hangover Joe's dealership. We realize many individuals would like to finance their dealership and receive business operating capital. Many business owners are turning to alternative lending options steering clear of banks and their ridiculous loan qualifications. We will put you in direct contact with a financing team that will work to qualify you by providing a fast and secure loan, with professional and personal services. They will work to get you the lowest borrowing rates. If you would like to explore financing your dealership let us know and we'll put you in touch with a company that provides excellent service.