Hangover Recovery Machine option adds revenue in high traffic bars, night clubs, airports, hotels & casinos!

State of the art Vending Machines use the latest technology to offer customers what they want; on-the-spot access to great products of our Hangover Recovery Shots. These machines are eye-catching and easy to use. The actually perform two functions. They dispense our Hangover Recovery Shot’s but they are also a mobile billboard making thousands of impressions and reinforcing the brand in your local market. The same people who are out and about are in and out of stores daily in your territory. They generate passive income monthly and pay out each week to your bank account. They accept credit cards or e-payments, PAY TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, AND TRACK INVENTORY. They even send you an email when it’s time to refill the machine. How great is that?

  •   No cash, no hassle, no theft, full audit function
  •   No retailer involved; you make all the profits
  •   Takes Google Pay, Apple Pay, and most major credit cards
  •   160 bottle high capacity storage, easy load, gravity fed
  •   1 year service warranty
  •   Made in USA exclusively for these products to our dealers
  •   Shipped five (5) to a pallet-Weight 115 lb. 51”H X 25.25” W X 22”D
  •   120 V 1 Phase 1A 15 Amp Circuit Required.

Locations Where You Can Place These Machines

Night Clubs
Mass Transport Hubs
Bus Stops
Air Ports
Office Buildings
Break Rooms
Convention Centers
Festival Buildings
Public Buildings

Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity

Hangover Recovery Shot-Smart Vending Machines are replacing banned cigarette machines in bars and nightclubs where customers are paying $8 to $10 on a cocktail. Unlike cigarette machines our smart vending machines promote a healthy product that aids in the recovery of a Hangover.  This is perfect you have a target audience at the point of sale of alcohol and where hangovers happen.  They will have no problem spending $3 to $5 for a Hangover Recovery Shot to feel better in the morning. Hangover Recovery Smart Vending Machines are another option for your dealership to maximize more income.

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