Have you ever dreamed of having the time to do the things important to you while building your financial future? Owning a Happy Jack’s / Hangover Joe’s dealership affords dealers the opportunity to earn a living and create wealth on their own terms and on their own schedule. We offer an easy-to-follow business model with little or no competition in the specialized market of gourmet beef jerky sales. Our products are unique because they’re made fresh to order. Our Beef jerky is all Gourmet Beef Jerky and it’s always made with premium Beef Brisket of the highest quality.

  •  High quality product with extended shelf life
  •  Inventory that sells quickly, offering no need for large warehouse storage
  •  A business with minimal amounts of payroll and other general retail paperwork
  •  Freedom from major contracts
  •  Contact with one centralized, knowledgeable product team
  •  Personalized interaction with the hands-on dealers and team staff
  •  Continuous, ongoing support
  •  Higher than average sales per transaction in stores and at festivals

Taking the steps toward opening your own retail jerky business can be both an exciting and life changing experience. The Hangover Joe's Beef Jerky Kiosk or store gives you the benefit of building a business while being in business for yourself, but not by yourself as we are here to aid you in your success. We created the brand, system and support to help you take control of your financial future and live the American Dream. Through our wide-range of expertise, there’s always someone to turn to for answers. We’re even here to help you create your store lay out. Many of our best dealership opportunities are now available and we’re searching for qualified individuals to become part of our growing, dynamic dealership network and team. If you’re ready to revolutionize your personal and financial freedom, The Happy Jack's / Hangover Joe's team is ready to hear from you!

Our dealers program is designed to give you multiple income streams where you choose the paticular revenue stream(s) that best serve you to build your successful business.

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