Beef Jerky Dealer Opportunities

  •  This is a Dealer / Distribution business. As a Happy Jack’s / Hangover Joe’s Dealer, you are the exclusive distributor of Happy Jack’s Beef Jerky, Hangover Joe’s Beef Jerky and Hangover Joe's Hangover Recovery Shot products in your protected territory. Your primary job is to build the brand in select retail locations, deliver products to them, and keep displays stocked.
  •  You will learn to service the brand and build your market as well as do festivals, launch Kiosks or even open your own store. We will help secure your first 20 locations and train you in how to acquire more and maintain the products. Our locating specialists have identified hundreds of retailers of all types in markets everywhere. We will teach you how to think outside the box and develop your market.
  •  You have an exclusive territory. No other dealers may sell the products in your designated area or territory.
  •  You order products directly from our company who delivers them directly to you (or to another agreed upon location). The products come in their own display boxes. You simply place them on counter tops in stores. We will also provide POS (Point of Sale) Items that will help increase the awareness of our brand in stores.
  •  Retailers pay you for the products upon delivery. Their wholesale price includes your profit. We have worked out a very unique profit / revenue earning system and this will give you a unique advantage in the market with our brands.
  •  The more retailers you have, the more money you make.  
  •  We will offer on-going support for as long as you own your business. We will have you also work and network in our dealers platform and will have online conferences to ensure sharing ideas and learning from other successful established dealers what is working in their markets to ensure ongoing success.
  •  We promise to work with you to help get your business going. Your success is our success! We are here for you to succeed and will be here to give you ongoing support when you request it. We are developing a video library, so you can learn from us just how to build your market and become successful. We also have plans plan to introduce an app system that will help promote the brand across the country and your local market to consumers.
  •  A big focus of our brand is helping others feel better from our Hangover Recovery Shot. The Happy Jack's brand also creates resources for children through our school beef jerky fundraising programs. The brand gives back and helps empower individuals.

How soon can I get started?

The program is simple to operate and you can be up and running quickly. After our optional training, you can expect to receive shipment of your first products within three weeks. The product is small and easily managed. Full cases are lightweight and fit easily into the trunk of a car, for convenient transport. A master case containing 144 2 oz. bottles weighs under 25 lbs. and can be carried into a store with ease. (No two-wheeler needed.)

The beef Jerky comes 24 packets to a case and also is very light weight and is easy to handle and to merchandise and stock into stores.

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