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We Offer 3 Amazing Products Within One Single Dealership!

Beef Jerky Business Opportunities

Happy Jacks Beef Jerky

Happy Jack's Gourmet Beef Jerky! This brand was created for school fundraising and different from the Hangover Joe’s brand of beef jerky which is alcohol cured. Happy Jack’s is a separate brand for the dealership program to generate revenue from school fundraising with different flavors that are not marinated in alcohol.

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Hangover Joes Recovery Shots

Hangover Joe's is a patent pending, revolutionary product that is totally unique from all other hangover products on the market today. Hangover Joe's is the only morning after hangover recovery shot on the market to counteract the awful symptoms of a hangover.

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Hangover Joes Beef Jerky

Hangover Joe’s was started in 2009 and is the nation’s leading morning after hangover recovery drink! The company realized very early on that this was a functional lifestyle company and brand. We are proud to announce the introduction of our new brand extension, Hangover Joe’s Beef Jerky!

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